How do you tell if you have lice by yourself?

A lady in eyeglasses scratches her head as she wonders how.

Lice are a common problem in schools and daycare centers. Head lice live on the scalp and feed on blood. Lice can be spread by direct contact or by sharing clothing or bedding, so you can likely get lice from your kids. If you suspect that you have lice, your first step is to check yourself for lice. The best way to do this is by combing your hair with a nit comb; our Licefreee NitDuo is perfect for this. This will pick up any nits, also known as lice eggs, on your head, which are the most common signs of infestation. If lice or nits come off while combing your hair, you can assume you have a lice infestation.

Treating your head lice problem

Many people would recommend just using lice shampoo to treat lice, along with many “natural” cures that they swear are effective. Unfortunately, “natural”, at home remedies are not proven effective. Using only lice shampoo is not the best solution to eliminate lice. We recommend Licefreee Spray, specially formulated, non-toxic spray that kills lice, nits, and even pesticide-resistant super lice. In combination with our nit comb and home spray, you can ensure a lice-free family! You can buy all three products individually or as a set with our Licefreee Ultimate Family Kit

What you should do after treatment

After you treat your family’s heads, it’s crucial to wash all clothes and items that you can in hot water with soap to kill any lice and nits sticking around. For furniture you suspect might harbor the pest, we recommend using our Licefreee! Home spray, specially formulated to kill lice and nits on surfaces without staining them. But don’t use it on your hair! We’ve got a better non-toxic solution for that.

Preventing future lice infestation for your family

Lice tend to reinfest people. If the source of lice isn’t eliminated and the treatment stops, reinfestation could occur.  While we recommend using our Licefreee! Home spray weekly; we understand that some of our readers are wary of constantly using chemicals. So here are a few steps you can take to make sure your family stays lice-free:

  • Tell your children not to share combs, scarves, hats, or any of the like with their friends. It would be best to practice this rule at home as much as possible.
  • Start using lice shampoo, not to treat lice but to help prevent them. Our Licefreee Everyday Shampoo is specially formulated to kill lice while being a great everyday shampoo.
  • Try to make a weekly habit of using a nit comb to check for lice.
  • Wash clothes your family use in crowded areas and outdoor activities in hot water to kill any possible lice eggs.

Lice can be seen as unsanitary and can be socially devastating to kids. Detecting lice when you suspect you have them is essential for health, social, and mental reasons. Keep your family safe from lice with Licefreee!


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