Licefreee Product Comparison Chart

Kills lice & nits in hair
Includes professional
nit comb
Kills lice & nits on furniture & bedding
Helps avoid reinfestation
Licefreee Spray
Licefreee Kit
Licefreee Ultimate Familiy Kit
Licefreee Home
Licefreee Everyday Shampoo

Licefreee! – America's Leading Non-Toxic Head Lice Treatment Brand

Discover Licefreee!, the top non-toxic head lice treatment brand in the USA. Trusted by parents, school nurses, and administrators, Licefreee! is the go-to solution for tackling head lice infestations.

Say Goodbye to Harsh Chemicals

Say farewell to strong-smelling and toxic chemicals like permethrin and pyrethrum. Embrace the power of Licefreee!, the country's best-selling non-toxic lice treatment brand.

Effective Homeopathic Approach

Licefreee! products use a natural mineral, sodium chloride (salt), to eliminate both SUPER LICE and their eggs (nits). Because we do not use toxic chemicals, these remedies are safe for children aged 6 months and above. And don't worry, Licefreee! is equally effective for parents.

The Original Non-Toxic Solution

Licefreee! Gel, our flagship non-toxic treatment, has been favored by school nurses and pediatricians since its launch in 2000. This gel formula immobilizes lice while killing both SUPER lice and eggs.

Effortless Treatment with Licefreee Spray!

Pressed for time? No worries. Opt for Licefreee Spray! – a hassle-free solution. Simply apply it to dry hair, and it instantly gets to work, eliminating SUPER head lice and eggs in one go. Although there is no need to comb out nits; we even include a professional nit comb, just in case.

Eliminate Lice on Furniture with Licefreee! Home

Combat head lice lurking in your home with our solution for lice on furniture – Licefreee! Home. From pillows and mattresses to bedding and other non-washable items, Licefreee! Home effectively eliminates head lice. Enjoy the refreshing citrus aroma as your home becomes lice-free.

Prevent Recurring Infestations

Constant battles with head lice can be both expensive and frustrating. Incorporate Licefreee Everyday! Shampoo into your routine to avoid reinfestation. Whether for routine maintenance or during school outbreaks, this shampoo can be used by all family members.


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