Treatment Information

Treatment Information

Ok. So you’ve discovered that you or your kiddo(s) have head lice. That’s stressful enough, isn’t it? Well, now you’ve got to figure out how to treat it… yikes! No need to worry, after nearly 20 years in the lice-biz we’ve learned a thing or two!

In our Helpful Hints and Lice Removal Tips section we cover the basics of head lice treatment, and the steps to follow for best results. In addition to treatment, we also provide tips on cleaning up (i.e. how to clean your home after head lice infestation), and how you can avoid getting head lice again. Check it out!

So you’ve decided on using Licefreee Spray! or Licefreee! Kit, wouldn’t it be great to have a step-by-step guide with images? We’ve got that too! Both treatments effectively kill head lice and head lice eggs, so it’s up to you to choose the treatment that’s best for you and your family. When you’ve made your decision, we’ll show you how to use it!

Not sure how to use a nit-comb to remove dead head lice and eggs after treatment? That’s OK, we’ll tell you what supplies you’ll need, how to comb effectively, and we will even share our best tip for making this process as easy as pie!

Licefreee Spray! and Licefreee! Kit aren’t the only head lice treatments out there. We cover the other treatment options from combing, to permethrin and pyrethrum. To learn more, check out the What Kills Lice? section, above.

Head lice infestation can cause so much stress and panic that parents continue to treat long-past necessity. Read the section, When to Stop Treating Head Lice for more tips and information about treatment and when it’s OK to stop.