Licefreee Spray Directions

Unlike other over the counter head lice products, Licefreee Spray! helps you become lice free in one easy step! Parents have found there is nothing easier to use. Follow the Licefreee Spray! directions below to use the treatment.

Note that Licefreee Spray is safe to use on children 6 months and older. If you have a child under 6 months old, you should consult your doctor for advice on how to treat your child for head lice.

Shake bottle well. To prepare the bottle for use, you will need to remove the cap and insert the sprayer into the bottle. You do not need to pull the safety seal off completely; you can puncture a hole in the seal and insert the sprayer.

Licefree Kit.

You need to apply Licefreee Spray! to dry hair. Hold the bottle 4-6 inches from the head and spray on the entire scalp starting at the hairline and working in towards the crown. You need to thoroughly saturate the entire scalp and hair to make sure that all lice and nits come in full contact with Licefreee Spray!. Be careful not to spray in eyes.

Applying Licefree Kit to a kid.

Allow hair to dry naturally. Do not use a hairdryer or rinse Licefreee Spray out of the hair. Once the hair has completely dried, you can wash or style your hair as you wish.

Tips: It may be easier to work with small sections of the hair at a time to make sure you cover all of the hair and scalp. Covering eyes with a towel will help prevent accidental contact with eyes.

Treating Hair with Licefreee.

As stated in the directions on the bottle, nit combing is not required with Licefreee Spray!. However, most schools still have no nit policies. For that reason we do include our patented, stainless steel nit comb for removal of the dead nits.

If you choose to comb out the nits, work with small sections (about 1 inch) starting close to the scalp and pull through to the ends of the hair. Rinse comb in water and wipe with a paper towel between each section to remove any dead nits from the comb.

Combing hair with Licefreee Comb.

Do you have feedback on our Licefreee Spray! directions? If you need clarification please contact us.


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