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Yes, it is acceptable to use the same bottle of Licefreee Gel to complete a second treatment 7-10 days after the first application. When storing the excess product, be sure to tightly seal the cap and keep the product in a dry location between 59-86°F.

It is not necessary to use both treatments, however, it is safe to use one (Licefreee Gel or Licefreee Spray) and do a follow-up treatment (usually 7-10 days after the first) with the other product. Both products are non-toxic and homeopathic and are effective in killing both lice and nits.

Our product has not been tested on color-treated hair, if you’re concerned, test the product in an inconspicuous area before application.

Consult your physician first. All ingredients are GRAS (generally recognized as safe). However, during pregnancy you are more likely to develop allergies, which is why it is important to talk with your doctor before use.

No, Licefreee Gel should not affect your natural hair color.  However, it may fade color-treated hair.

Yes, Licefreee Gel does kill the eggs as well as long as the product is fully in contact with the egg for a full hour. However, it is best practice to remove all of the eggs using the included nit comb just in case the product did not fully come in contact with that egg. Also note you can use the nit comb without doing a full treatment over the next few days just in case you missed any nits during the comb through. They can be tough to find.

Licefreee Gel has not been tested to work on fleas. Some of the ingredients, although non-toxic to humans, may not be safe to use on your pets so you should always consult your vet before using any products on your pets.

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No, your hair does not have to be washed before using Licefreee. With the gel, you want to apply it to dry hair, and fully saturate your hair with the product. The gel stays in for an hour. If you would like, you can shampoo your hair with your regular shampoo after you finish the treatment.

Licefreee products do not require expiration dates and should be effective for several years. As a rule of thumb for all products without expiration dates, if you have had the product for at least three years, you should replace it with new product.

You can go swimming any time after washing the Licefreee Gel out of her hair.

We tell you to leave Licefreee Gel on the hair for at least 60 minutes to make sure that all the lice and nits are dead. You should leave the gel in while you comb out the nits. You will want to wash it out afterwards so that the gel doesn't dry on the hair as this will make combing / brushing the hair difficult. This is also why we include a shower cap, to keep it moist. There is no reason to leave it on longer than 60 minutes as this will not increase the effectiveness.

You can dye your hair any time after washing the Licefreee Gel out of your hair.

You can wash your hair any time after you have completed the treatment.  You can use your regular shampoo or if you want to help prevent lice infestations you can use Licefreee Everyday Shampoo.

Yes, if you have enough product to thoroughly saturate the hair, you can use it for a second treatment.

Licefreee Gel will kill nits as long as the product comes in contact with the nit for at least an hour. It is best practice to remove the nits just in case one didn’t get covered in the gel. You can continue to use the nit comb on her dry hair to do a head check daily and remove any nits you see. You don’t have to do an entire treatment to remove nits. The comb should work on its own. They are “glued” to the hair strands which is why they can be tough to remove.

Licefreee Spray also does kill both lice and nits and has conditioning ingredients in it. Some people find the conditioners help with removing the nits so spraying that on may help. It is non-toxic and can be used daily for a few days if you would like to do so.

Licefreee Gel is safe on children 6 months and older. However, most children that young have very fine, thin hair and you can pick the lice out without using any treatments. If you carefully remove the lice and the nits, you may have success without using a product.

Licefreee Gel comes with a patented stainless steel nit comb to comb out your hair after using the treatment.  You will want to take small sections at a time beginning with the nape of the neck working inward. If your hair is very tangled, you may want to use your regular brush or comb first to detangle your hair before using the nit comb.

Although Licefreee Gel kills the eggs, it does not cause them to become detached. To remove the eggs, use the included nit comb to remove them from the hair strand. If you find removing them is difficult with the gel in the hair, you can wash and condition the hair after the full hour of treatment is complete.

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