Head Lice Facts

Head Lice Facts

There is an abundance of information floating around in cyber space about head lice, and honestly, it can get confusing! To help ease the hassle of head lice infestation, we have compiled the most commonly asked head lice questions for you, here:

Facts about Head Lice.

Lice are an annoying nuisance that affects nearly 12 million people throughout the United States each year, and are one of the most common problems among grade-school-aged children.  While aggravating, frustrating, irritating, infuriating, maddening, and beyond, head lice are a very treatable issue. 

Throughout our 20+ years of making non-toxic head lice solutions, we have learned a great deal along the way and are proud to be a trusted resource for parents, schools, and healthcare professionals. You can find more information on our resource pages: head lice informationimages & videotreatment informationproduct labels, or check out the links below.

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