Does Licefreee Have an Expiration Date?

Licefree Kit.

How to find the year your Licefreee! was manufactured:

Starting mid-2021, we have modified the format of our lot numbers. The number you will want to look for is the section that dictates the year. The year will be the two digits following a letter in the lot number. An example is 19C21010 is manufactured in 2021 (19C21010). The month is not specified.

You can always contact us to find the specific month and year for any product.

Prior to 2021:

Every product is marked with a batch code that begins with a letter followed by 3, 4 or 5 numbers.

Below is the list of letter codes and corresponding years:

  • C - 2005
  • D - 2006
  • E - 2007
  • F - 2008
  • G - 2009
  • H - 2010
  • J - 2011
  • K - 2012
  • L - 2013
  • M - 2014
  • N - 2015
  • P - 2016
  • R - 2017
  • T - 2018
  • U - 2019
  • V - 2020
  • W - 2021

So, for example, the batch code M2009 would have been made in 2014.

Where do I find the batch code?

  • Licefreee Spray! - batch code is printed vertically on the bottle label and is also printed on the bottom panel of the outer box.
  • Licefreee! Kit - batch code is printed on the bottom label of the outer box. Also each product has a batch code printed on the label
    • Licefreee! Gel - batch code is printed vertically on the label
    • Licefreee! Shampoo - batch code is printed vertically on the label

How long can I use these products?

For all products, we recommend throwing them out if they were manufactured more than three years ago. 


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