Watch Licefreee Spray! Work

Watch Licefreee Spray! Work

YouTube video

In this video, watch non-toxic Licefreee Spray! work when it goes to battle with an adult louse.  Our revolutionary head lice treatment deploys the power of sodium chloride, also known as salt, to effectively kill lice and nits. In just under 3 minutes, you'll witness the louse's defeat!

Licefreee Spray! offers a swift and hassle-free solution for treating head lice infestations. Application is a breeze – simply saturate dry hair and scalp with the spray, let it air dry, and you're done! No need to comb out the deceased lice and nits, though we include a professional metal nit comb in every package. (Some schools still have no-nit policies.) Explore our user-friendly step-by-step instructions with accompanying images for added clarity. 

Why expose your loved ones to chemical pesticide treatments containing permethrin or pyrethrum? Instead, turn to non-toxic Licefreee Spray! and usher your family back to a lice-free life.   

Visit our store to learn more about Licefreee Spray! including ingredients, where to buy, and read reviews. If you are interested in reviewing the efficacy of Licefreee! products, our studies can be found here.