Is it crucial to gets the nits out right away or are they dead?

Licefreee Gel will kill nits as long as the product comes in contact with the nit for at least an hour. It is best practice to remove the nits just in case one didn’t get covered in the gel. You can continue to use the nit comb on her dry hair to do a head check daily and remove any nits you see. You don’t have to do an entire treatment to remove nits. The comb should work on its own. They are “glued” to the hair strands which is why they can be tough to remove.

Licefreee Spray also does kill both lice and nits and has conditioning ingredients in it. Some people find the conditioners help with removing the nits so spraying that on may help. It is non-toxic and can be used daily for a few days if you would like to do so.


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