Super Lice, not a Super Hero

A white boy is wearing a super hero suit while standing in front of a sky-painted wall.

Super lice are not traditional lice in superhero capes. They are much more alarming.

Super lice are a particularly stubborn and difficult-to-treat strain of head lice that have become a growing problem in recent years. Unlike traditional head lice, which can be treated with over-the-counter remedies, super lice have resisted common treatments, making them much more challenging to eradicate.

This article will discuss super lice, how to eliminate this pesky strain of head lice, and more.

What are Super Lice?

Super lice are a strain of head lice that have evolved to resist traditional chemical pesticide treatments such as pyrethroids, the active ingredient in many over-the-counter lice treatments. Super lice are not a different species but rather a mutation of traditional head lice. They look and behave the same as regular lice but are much harder to eliminate.

Super lice are particularly problematic for children, who are often the most vulnerable to infestations. Children who attend a school or participate in group activities such as sports are particularly susceptible to lice infestations.

How to Inspect for Super Lice?

Regular inspections are essential for detecting and treating super lice infestations early. The best way to inspect for lice is to comb through the hair using a fine-toothed comb. This should be done in a well-lit area, and all parts of the head should be thoroughly examined.

Look for both live lice and nits, identified as small, white, oval-shaped eggs attached to the hair shaft. Nits are often found close to the scalp and may be difficult to remove with a comb.

In addition to regular inspections, it is important to take steps to prevent lice infestations. This can be done by avoiding close contact with others with lice, not sharing combs, brushes, or hats, and washing bedding and clothing in hot water.

How to Get Rid of Super Lice?

Getting rid of super lice can be challenging, but several effective treatments are available. While you can’t necessarily determine if head lice are ‘super’ or not without an in-lab genetic test, it’s important to note that most head lice have developed a resistance to permethrin and pyrethrum-based treatments. This large-scale resistance increases the likelihood of contracting ‘super’ lice and thus requires special treatment. 

Seeking an effective treatment is essential. While most over-the-counter lice treatments containing pyrethroids are unlikely to be effective against super lice, Licefreee! Spray and Gel are effective at killing super lice and their nits. The Licefreee! Ultimate Family Kit includes everything you will need to kill and prevent super lice in their tracks.

Begin by saturating the scalp and hair with Licefreee! Spray. Once fully saturated, allow the hair to air dry. Next, you’ll want to ensure your home is free of any super lice and their nits. Use the included Licefreee! Home on furniture and other items that cannot be laundered. Simply spray the items until visibly wet and allow them to dry. Continue to conduct regular scalp inspections for any remaining super lice, and follow up all treatments with Licefreee Everyday Shampoo to prevent any future reinfestations. 


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