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With Licefreee Spray treating head lice is as easy as spray, dry, and done! This one-step lice treatment eliminates lice and their eggs (called nits) in a flash. Simply saturate the hair and allow it to dry naturally.

Is a no-nit policy keeping you home? We include a professional nit comb to effectively remove dead lice and nits.

Product Description

Tired of harsh chemicals and endless combing?  Licefreee Spray uses a natural, homeopathic formula that kills lice and nits on contact in just one easy spray!  Think: superpowered salt. Our formula contains sodium chloride for effective treatment of head lice, including super lice, and their eggs (nits).

Forget messy rinses and endless combing. Licefreee Spray simplifies treatment with its convenient one-step application. Simply saturate hair and let it air dry. No disruption to your regular routine. After treatment is complete, you are free to wash, style, and get back to life as usual.

While our lice spray effectively kills both lice and nits, some schools have “no-nit” policies. This requirement means that you must remove all nits from the hair. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Each kit includes our professional lice comb for the removal of dead lice and nits.

Worried about lice outbreaks? You can use Licefreee Spray as a daily lice defense. Simply apply after school to neutralize any potential lice hitchhikers.

Parents, struggling with self-treatment? Licefreee Spray makes it easy and discreet. Simply spray until saturated and let your hair air dry. No need for messy rinses or complicated combing.

Conquer lice with confidence:

  • Kill even the toughest super lice and their eggs for complete lice and nit treatment.
  • No mess or fuss, our spray-on application is fast and easy to use.
  • Use the professionally designed nit comb for compliance with school policies.
  • Feel good knowing you’re using a safe and effective homeopathic treatment, free of chemical pesticides.

Is Licefreee Spray the best head lice treatment? You decide! Our products have a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

How to Use Licefreee Spray from Tec Laboratories on Vimeo.

Active ingredient:

Natrum muriaticum 1X HPUS 10% – Purpose: Pediculosis Remedy

Inactive ingredients:

benzyl alcohol, fragrance, poloxamer 188, purified water


  • For the treatment of head lice


  • For external use only.
  • Ask a doctor before use if you have infestation of eyebrows or eyelashes.
  • When using this product
    • do not use in or near the eyes, close eyes while product is being applied.
    • do not permit contact with mucous membranes, such as inside the nose or mouth, as irritation or stinging may occur.
    • tingling may occur during the first 10 minutes of application; this is normal and should go away. If it doesn’t, rinse hair immediately and discontinue use.
  • Stop use and ask a doctor if skin irritation or infection is present or develops.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • If swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away.


Adults and children 6 months and older:

  1. Shake well.
  2. Hold bottle 4-6″ from head; spray on DRY hair and entire scalp, starting at the hairline and working inward toward crown.
  3. Thoroughly saturate all hair and scalp; to be effective, all lice and nits must come in full contact with the product.
  4. For best results, allow product to air dry naturally do not rinse out.
  5. Dead lice and nits may be removed with a fine toothed comb, if desired.
  6. Once hair has dried completely, you may resume normal grooming habits (i.e. wash hair, style).
  7. Product may be used as often as desired; washing hair regularly is recommended to avoid product build-up.

Children under 6 months:

  1. Do not use. Consult a doctor.

Other information:

Store at 59-86°F (15-30°C)

The letters ‘HPUS’ indicate that the component of this product is officially monographed in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States.

Licefreee Spray will kill lice within minutes but will take longer to kill the nits (eggs). This is why the directions say to allow your hair to air dry naturally. This makes sure the product is in contact with the nit long enough to kill it.

Allow Licefreee Spray! to air dry naturally before beginning the combing process. If you find you need to wet down the hair to make it easier to comb, you can apply more Licefreee Spray! to aid during the comb through process or apply a leave-in detangler or conditioner. It is not necessary to wash the hair before coming out the dead lice and nits, but you may wash it first if desired.

Using hair conditioner prior to treating with Licefreee Spray should not affect the treatment. However, if you feel that you have an excess of product built up in your hair, we recommend washing and allowing your hair to dry, prior to application.

Licefreee Spray is intended for use as a head lice treatment only. Washing hair regularly is recommended to avoid product build-up. If you are re-infested, we would recommend treat again.

No. It is important that you follow the directions for Licefreee Spray exactly as indicated on the label. It is never recommended to mix OTC treatments or medications. Not only could mixing products cause potentially harmful effects, it could also hinder the effectiveness of the products.

Being that Licefreee Spray kills lice and nits while it dries, pulling hair up may interfere with the drying process. If you must pull hair up, be sure to secure it loosely on top of the head.

No. Licefreee Spray! does not require the use of a shower cap. For best results, please follow the directions exactly as they are written on the label.

No. According to label directions, Licefreee Spray should be applied to dry hair. Applying to wet hair could dilute the solution and possibly interfere with the effectiveness of the product.

Yes, you can use any Licefreee treatment after using other lice treatments. Just make sure the other treatment is completely washed from the hair first to avoid any potential interaction.

Yes; Licefreee Spray! is indicated for use on children 6 months and older.

Our product has not been tested on color-treated hair, if you’re concerned, test the product in an inconspicuous area before application.

Consult your physician first. All ingredients are GRAS (generally recognized as safe). However, during pregnancy you are more likely to develop allergies, which is why it is important to talk with your doctor before use.

It is unlikely lice will become immune to Licefreee products, since they are different from conventional pesticides that affect a louse’s nervous system, and to which lice have shown resistance.

As far as furniture and clothing goes, Licefreee Spray! was not developed to be used on inanimate objects. The conditioners in it may stain or cause oil spots. A thorough vacuuming should take care of any lice on there, or you can use Licefreee Home which is designed to kill lice on furniture and bedding. If you have throw pillows, bag them up for 10 days to make sure the lice are dead, or you can throw them in your dryer on the hottest setting to kill the lice.

Licefreee Spray! is great for treating yourself as it kills both the lice as well as the eggs (nits). Most products recommend having someone help with the comb-out process. Because Licefreee Spray is able to kill the eggs, combing is not required.

Yes, you can sleep with Licefreee Spray on your hair. You can leave it in for as long as you like. 

Licefreee Spray is still effective if you went to sleep while it was still wet. Allow it to finish drying before washing it out.

No, it is not necessary to wash out a little to moderate amount of styling product before using the spray.  If there is a large amount, or a strong-hold product, such as spiking gel, it would be best to wash it out of your hair first, dry, and then treat with Licefreee Spray.  This will allow the product to work to its full potential without interference.

No, gloves are not required when treating with Licefreee Spray, or any other Licefreee products.

Licefreee Spray does not break down the protein that lice use to attach nits to your hair strand. To effectively remove the nits and dead lice, use the stainless steel nit comb included with the treatment. It is designed with special close-fitted teeth that are small enough to remove the nits from the hair strand. See our guide How to Use a Lice Comb.

Licefreee Spray has an expected shelf life of 3 years. We recommend that any unused product purchased from an authorized retailer be discarded after 3 years.

Yes, Licefreee Spray kills head lice and their eggs. No, Licefreee has not been tested for use on bed bugs.

Licefreee Spray kills the nits as long as they come in contact with the product. Be sure to saturate the hair well and allow it to air dry and they should be dead.

No; Licefreee Spray starts killing lice and nits that come into full contact with the product when it is applied to the hair and scalp. After the hair has dried (naturally), the treatment is complete. The 7-10 day window is a recommended time frame to perform daily head checks in case a louse or egg is missed during the treatment and causes a reinfestation. If during a head check, a live bug or new nits appear, it is recommended to perform a second treatment.

It is impossible to tell with the naked eye if a nit is dead or alive, but our studies have shown that the nits die when treated with Licefreee Spray. That being said, all of the nits have to be saturated with the treatment for the length of time recommended in the directions in order to die. There is a possibility that one was missed. Also dead nits will not fall off the hair follicle, they will stay attached and grow out with your hair if you do not remove them. We are happy to see it sounds like you did everything correctly and you were successful in ending your head lice infestation!

It may take a couple of washes, but the scent of Licefreee will eventually fade.

Licefreee Spray contains sodium chloride, a homeopathic ingredient. It does not chemically affect the nervous system the way traditional pesticides do.

Once the hair has dried naturally the treatment is complete and you (or your child) can go swimming. However, we recommend washing the hair first to remove any loose, dead lice so they aren’t floating in the pool.

Drying time when using Licefreee Spray depends on several factors including the hair type, thickness and length; therefore, drying time can vary from person to person.

Although Licefreee Spray is non-toxic and safe to use as often as you like, it is not necessary to apply the treatment more than one time in a day. It is better to continue to use the nit comb daily to remove any nits you may see in the hair since it may be difficult to find them all in one session. We recommend using Licefreee within 7-10 days  to make sure all lice have been killed, or if you see new lice in the hair.

It all depends on hair length, texture, and thickness. You want to be sure to use enough product to fully saturate all of the hair and scalp.

Enough to fully saturate all of the hair and scalp. The amount of Licefreee Spray needed depends on the length, texture, and thickness of the hair. It may require more than one bottle.

After using Licefreee Spray, as soon as your hair finishes drying naturally, (you don’t want to blow-dry to make sure the product stays in contact with the lice) you can wash it with your regular shampoo.

As long as you applied the product according to the label directions, everything it came into full contact with should be dead. There are a number of reasons you could still be feeling itchy:

  1. You’ve treated with more than one treatment before using Licefreee. Repeated treatments can cause the scalp to dry out and feel itchy.
  2. The active ingredient in Licefreee is salt, therefore it is possible that it can dry the scalp a bit.
  3. The itching could be caused by the healing process of the areas where the lice have bitten your scalp.

Remember, itchy doesn’t necessarily mean you have an active infestation. Keep an eye out for live lice post-treatment, if you don’t see any there is no need to treat again.

As per the directions on the label, it is best to allow the hair to air dry naturally. We do not recommend wrapping a towel around the hair while it is still damp with the product. Itching or tingling may occur, if it lasts longer than 10 minutes please rinse immediately and discontinue use. Itching during the first three minutes or so could be due to the lice scrambling on the scalp after being sprayed.

The so-called “super lice” have shown resistance to mainstream pesticides found in many OTC head lice treatments. Unlike these neurotoxins, Licefreee products work in a manner that lice cannot become resistant. Licefreee has been shown to be effective against super lice as shown in our efficacy studies.

No, we do not recommend using Licefreee products on your pets. Just because they are non-toxic to humans, does not mean they are non-toxic to your pets. Please contact your veterinarian.

There are a few options for cleaning the nit comb.

  1. With each swipe through the hair, wipe the comb off with a paper towel or rinse.
  2. Soak comb in hot water (above 130°) for 5-10 minutes.
  3. Run through a cycle in your dishwasher, or you can use an old toothbrush and running water to get the dead lice out.

Once Licefreee Spray has dried you can use whatever method is easier for you to comb the nits out. Washing your hair after Licefreee Spray has completely dried will not affect the effectiveness of the treatment.

Giving the product time to dry ensures the lice and nits are dead. If you comb through before the product has dried, you may encounter live lice and nits. It is best to give the product time to dry before combing, but if you must, wait at least 20 minutes after application.

Licefreee Spray kills nits as well as lice so the nits left in your hair after treatment would be dead as long as they came in contact with the product and it was allowed to dry naturally. Dead nits will not fall off the hair follicle, they will stay attached and grow out with your hair. Some schools do not have a no-nit policy and do not require removal of the nits, so in that instance removing the nits is your choice.

The active ingredient in Licefreee Spray is sodium chloride. You can find the label information here.

Yes, dead lice should come out of the hair when washed after the treatment. However, nits (head lice eggs) will remain in the hair unless they are combed out. If you choose not to comb out the nits, they will eventually grow out with the hair.

When using Licefreee Spray! you will want to allow the product to dry naturally. This allows the product enough time to stay in contact with the lice and nits to be effective. Using a hair dryer will not help with the effectiveness of the product.

  1. Tia (verified owner)

    I have used this product twice so far, and it is awesome! I love that it’s non-toxic, gentle on heads, and kills everything! I will continue to use this product anytime someone in the family brings home those terrible bugs. Thank you, Licefreee!

  2. Margery Barton (verified owner)

    My daughter is 13. We have been battling lice once or twice a year. For the last three years. We have used every other product over the counter. And even though doctor called in a prescription at one point, it still seemed that nothing was working. I bought your spray last night. Based on the reviews that I read on And let me tell you what, that is the most amazing product that we have ever used. Every single thing is gone. Everything. They were literally running away as her hair was being sprayed. It was disgusting, yet literally amazing. Thank you so much!

  3. Shelley Crocker (verified owner)

    We had 6 family members at the same time with head lice. Four under the age of 13. We had previously had to use other brands. This was by far the easiest remedy I have come across…

  4. Lauren McCarley (verified owner)

    Per my local pharmacist, and MUCH to my absolute horror @ discovering I do have lice, I bought your SPRAY a few hours ago. My hair is long AND very, very thick and I used the entire bottle in one application due to this fact. I am SOOOOO glad to say that I called your 800# as well as the store (Walgreen’s in Gastonia, NC, on Union Road) to express my THANKS for this product. Shockingly, and I am still reeling from the shock of absolutely NOT knowing why I have been extremely itchy, mainly on the back of my head and scalp, I did find dead lice as I leaned my head/hair over a white bath mat spread across my bathroom sink. Your product did not sting my scalp and it has a pleasant scent…THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for being the LIFESAVER product!!!! I was exposed to afterschool care children…at one point the facility had infestations every day…and after reading an article about a female lawyer who had had doctor after doctor misdiagnose her, had an allergist – luckily- find that she, indeed, had lice! Scary! Again, your product is appreciated!!!

  5. Priscilla (verified owner)

    From 2010-2014 my nieces had lice every few months. They could not get rid of them. I found Licefreee Spray! and we used it on all three of their heads. We were so grateful to find this product!! Last week we found lice again. When we went to get treatment at the store my oldest niece found the box of Licefreee Spray! and refused to use anything else!! We used it Saturday and have not found any more bugs since then!! We got the shampoo for them to use a few times a week…

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