How lice spread when the family gets together

Multiracial friends group taking selfie portrait outside.

The holidays are upon us, and it’s almost time to entertain relatives and friends in your home once again. But with the quality time visiting relatives and the kids’ sleepovers comes a risk you wouldn’t expect. Through close contact, lice can easily crawl from one head to another, or from one’s head to the furniture, where they lie waiting for a new host. Borrowed hats, brushes, and clothes are other possible ways to get lice.

The holidays don’t protect your kids from lice

You might think that your kids are less likely to get lice when school is out. But if you have social children, the probability of getting lice doesn’t lower. Playing outside with friends, huddling together next to the fire to get warm, and even sleeping over at a friend's house allow lice to crawl onto your child’s scalp easily. Then the lice hitch a ride home and spread to your family and visiting relatives.

Protecting your family from lice without ruining the holiday

We were all young once and enjoyed the holidays as children, so we wouldn’t want to deprive our children of these precious memories. So we at Licefreee thought of ways to keep the holidays enjoyable for your kids while protecting them at the same time. Here are a few things you can do to achieve this:

  • Replace your shampoo with Licefreee Everyday Shampoo. We specially formulated it so anyone can use it daily without a problem, allowing protection from lice while having a clean, refreshing feel and scent.
  • Pack your kids a sleeping bag, clothes, comb, and anything essential for a sleepover to prevent sharing personal items and reducing the chances of getting lice.
  • Immediately wash your child’s clothes and belongings with hot water and soap when they return.
  • As an optional precautionary measure, you can check your child’s scalp with a nit comb and use Licefreee Spray to kill any lice, nits (lice eggs), and even super lice that might have gotten through.

Protecting your home from lice of visiting relatives

Not that your relatives necessarily have lice, but just as a precaution and safety measure you can do a few things to prevent lice infestation brought in by visitors. Follow these precautions we formulated to protect your family:

  1. Spray Licefreee Home on your furniture before your visitors’ arrival as a protective measure.
  2. Make our Licefreee Shampoo available for your guests’ use.
  3. Prepare combs, towels, and linens specifically for your guests to use to be washed with hot water and soap upon their departure.
  4. Try to make sleeping arrangements that avoid intentional bunking with each other.

The holiday season is time to bond and spend time with your family and friends. There is no reason to cancel or be restrictive during this time of the year, especially with Licefreee by your side, protecting you and your family.


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