Here's Why Leaving Head Lice Untreated is a Bad Idea

Here's Why Leaving Head Lice Untreated is a Bad Idea

Mother and Daughter in white shirt cover their heads with a paper bag.

Lice are usually considered harmless due to them being known not to carry disease, but leaving them untreated could lead to consequences that are far more detrimental than one would expect. Let’s look at the effects of head lice infestation left untreated long-term and the consequences. Let’s also discuss what you can do to treat it with over-the-counter and natural remedies.

The social consequences of untreated lice

The worst thing about having head lice is that it can cause many social problems, especially for children. People often think of individuals with lice as unhygienic. Young children can surprisingly be ruthless when teasing their peers, making the individual feel like an outcast. Experiencing such cruelty at a young age can affect them mentally long after the lice infestation has been handled.

Lice are parasites that look to feed in order to breed. It’s not about cleanliness, or popularity, it is about exposure to lice itself that causes an infestation. So if you think you’re safe just because you practice proper hygiene, think again. Get regular lice checks, especially during an outbreak.

The medical consequences of untreated lice

While the social consequence is nothing to scoff about, it is nothing compared to the possible medical effects of untreated lice infestation. Here are the following potential effects of leaving lice untreated:

  • Hair loss - Lice feed on your blood, scalp, and keratin. Over time this will damage your hair, causing breakage, and your hair follicles will struggle to grow new hair due to the lack of nutrients.
  • Anemia - Since lice feed on blood, given enough time and the growth of more lice to feed on you, enough blood loss can cause anemia.
  • Bacterial infection -  Your scalp would be covered in microscopic wounds caused by lice that are not very sanitary themselves. The longer you remain untreated, the higher the possibility of infection.

Why you need to treat your child’s head lice and how to do it

There are plenty of consequences to leaving head lice untreated. These consequences can be easily avoided by treating the problem today, with Licefreee Spray, and other tools from the makers of Licefreee!