Can adults get lice?

Woman Scratching her head thinking if adults can get head lice.

When we think of lice, we often think about our kids and how to keep them from getting the nasty pests. But lice don’t discriminate; as long they can feed on blood, any scalp will do, regardless of age, race, or hygiene habits. Anyone can get lice. It’s merely a question of whether they are exposed to lice.

Why are children the main target of lice?

Lice do not specifically target children; it is merely because of how exposed children are to sources of lice. Children tend to be more active, and because social distancing wasn’t something children or their parents concerned themselves with before the pandemic, lice could easily crawl from one child’s head to another.

How do adults get lice?

There are two usual ways for adults to get lice. The first is the most obvious source—their children. Parents are the primary caretakers of their children, and with love comes affection and hugs, which can easily transmit lice from the heads of the children to their parents. Avoiding this can be very difficult as most children with lice tend to be very young.

The second most common way for adults to get lice is by sharing hats, scarves, and combs that could carry live lice and nits. These items could belong to friends or family members with lice, so it is crucial to practice social distancing if a family member has lice.

How to avoid lice as an adult

Avoiding lice is relatively easy as an adult. It is as simple as keeping yourself from sources of lice. Unfortunately, avoiding your children isn’t an option if you are a parent. In the event that your children have symptoms of lice infestation, follow these steps to treat them and, at the same time, avoid getting lice:

  • As soon as you suspect your children have lice, buy enough Licefreee Spray for the entire household. Use it according to the box instructions or your doctor's orders.
  • As an added precaution, you can optionally use a nit comb every few days to reduce the chances of lice eggs remaining on their hair. A nit comb comes free with every bottle of Licefreee Spray.
  • Disinfect your furniture, grooming items, and clothes with anti-lice products. We have a special kit available for this particular case.
  • Continue anti-lice shampoo use until signs of lice infestation are no longer visible.

Lice are creatures that only aim to feed and multiply, regardless of where they get their food. Adults are bigger and probably a more abundant source of essential nutrients for lice to propagate, so don’t think you’re not a target for lice.


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