About Licefreee

About Licefreee

Hello! At last, you can end your search for the best over-the-counter head lice treatments, because you have found Licefreee! From the start of our lice endeavors 20+ years ago, our goal has been to help families tackle head lice infestation safely, and effectively. We have not only worked hard to create effective lice treatments, but to cultivate a website that offers a host of resources and information about lice and how to eliminate them from your heads and homes! We even offer free resources for schools in an effort to minimize lice outbreaks. Learn a little more about us, below!

Our backstory…

Before Licefreee! came along in 1999, the options were limited to mainly those that contained chemical pesticides, pyrethrum, and permethrin. Pyrethrum, an insecticide derived from chrysanthemum plants, and Permethrin, a synthetic insecticide, were (are) used in agriculture to combat pests that threatened the livelihood of crops. Unfortunately, both can be harsh when used to treat head lice but were long considered the standard for lice treatment.

In the late 1990’s, after a horrendous experience treating her own daughter with a permethrin-based lice treatment, one of our very own moms was determined to come up with a head lice treatment free of permethrin and pyrethrum. After hours of research and testing, the Original Non-toxic head lice treatment, homeopathic Licefreee! Gel was created, hitting retail shelves in 1999. Over the years, we’ve added more products to our beloved line of safe solutions including: Licefreee Spray!, the Licefreee! Kit which includes Licefreee! Gel and Licefreee Everyday! Daily maintenance shampoo, and now, Licefreee! Home.

We hope to help you solve all of your lice woes and remain lice free, always!